One-stop solution for platform

SevenWonders provides you with platform technology and one-stop solution. With low cost and the same benefits, we can help you quickly solve the platform technology, take care of all customer needs in an all-round way, and provide a variety of cross-platform technologies.

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Broker Solution

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Financial System Server (IDC) Solution

Global Intelligent Acceleration System

Accelerate dynamic content globally

Cloud network

Build a global private network in minutes

Bare Metal Cloud

High performance computing + cloud-like flexibility

Content delivery network

Deliver content with ultra-low latency

Cloud WAN

Accelerate business productivity with SaaS

Global Data Center Services

Accelerate business productivity with SaaS

IP transfer

Optimized connections worldwide

Looking forward to more features

1) CRM Solution

Independent deployment — only a system provider and does not own any customer data

○ Independent deployment, data security, deployed for hundreds of financial services institutions

○ Flexible registration methods, which can customize customer registration information and fields

○ For agent management

○ Efficient management

○ Data visualization and professional reporting

○ High degree of customization

○ Professional development and service team with offices around the world

2) Broker Solutions

Nearly 100 kinds of broker support solutions, you can choose any combination


Service experience of more than 200 brokers

Technical support

Experience with technical support solutions for over 500 brokers

“zero” start

More than 100 “zero” start brokers technical support and solution experience


More than 20 world-renowned brokerage service experience


From company registration to financial license application


From system solutions to integrated technical support

3) Financial System Server (IDC) leasing and hosting services

—Provide server leasing and hosting services for major global network nodes

○ Cooperate with one of the world’s largest server providers, IBM Cloud, to provide you server leasing and hosting services for major global nodes with high stability and quality.

○ Provide deployment solutions for major global financial centers NY4, TY3, and LD4.

○ We will provide your trading network with the best solutions from clients, brokers to LPs.

○ The average annual network stability is as high as 99.9%.

○ 7*24*365 high-quality service

4) ASIC financial license and ASIC AR solution

We have an expert team and experience in providing you with ASIC and ASIC AR solutions.

After you obtain the license, it will have the best use value and provide the most marketing effect.

The ASIC license will make your business legal. According to regulatory requirements, you will have a Trust Account to hold client funds, and your business will be more regulated.

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